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Velociraptor? furcula

        The thing is noted as having a foramen in the furcula. I didn't 
catch why this was important at first, but it strikes me- it would have 
been hollow, as in modern birds, correct? The foramen would allow an 
air-sac to connect up to it. Does anyone know if other furculae- allosaur 
or tyrannosaur wishbones- have this? 
        Also the teeth are recurved and serrate, I would guess that this 
animal, as an adult (regardless of whether it is) would have gone after 
relatively large prey in comparison to its body size, like the rest of 
the dromaeosaurs- i.e. stuff it couldn't swallow in a gulp, rather it 
might have to bite off hunks of flesh of of whatever it ate... at any 
rate I don't think it had prey similar to Archaeopteryx. 

        Nick Longrich