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Re: komodos

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Stephen Carville wrote:

>>>Why would evolution equip mammals with a host of sucessful
>>>behaviors but give the saurians who filled equivalent niches
>>>completely different behaviors?

I ask:

>>And just what *is* the status of the bloodedness of large lizards
>>like komodos?

Stephen responds:

> Off the top of my head I'd say komodos were prety much like other
> reptiles.  Their cooperative behavior (if true) may be an indication
> that cooperation doesn't require mammaliam brainpower but they are
> hardly a model for the behavior of large saurians -- Allosaurus was
> mentioned in the original post. Birds and social insects pretty much
> demonstrate that big brains aren't necessay for cooperation anyway.

> My message seems to have touched a sore spot...

Not at all. My questions were pretty tangential to your info and were
prompted less by your message than by seeing a few minutes of a show
called "Komodo Dragons: Last of the Dinosaurs" on the Canadian
Discovery channel.  Apparently, a komodo is able to *outrun* its prey,
a very unlizard-like behaviour! I think they mentioned some Japanese
scientists doing some blood analysis but I wasn't too intent on the
show and am reluctant to reconstruct my memory of it. I had hoped my
message might prompt details from people who had access to such.

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