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Komodo stats

Lurker here!

        I am watching a Komodo Dragon special right now and it just answered
a few questions I read on the list: 

        Komodos are cold-blooded and must regulate thier body temperature
faithfully. They stop all activity at midday to let their body temp go down.
In this Learning Channel special they compare the teeth and eating habits of
the dragon to those of the Tyrannosaur. The teeth were said to be very similar.

[ There seems to be a lot of these things going around.  The Discovery
  Channel is also showing a special on Komodo dragons.  It was on last
  night, but I wasn't really watching it; I was air-brushing my JP
  model Tyrannosaurus, so the narrator was trying to compete with
  the hum of my compressor :-)  -- MR ]


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