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Barnes & Noble books

_The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Prehistoric
Flying Reptiles_ by Dr. Peter Wellnhofer.
_Dinosaurs: A Global View_ by Czerkas,

There was some discussion of these books a few days ago.

[ A few days?  Tempes fugit!  There was a moratorium on that thread,
  but this message seems more along the lines of review, so I'll pass
  it along for anyone who hasn't yet gone to Barnes and Noble.  -- MR ] 

I saw them both at Barnes & Noble while down there doing Christmas
shopping and decided that I'd treat myself to one.
The _Global View_ one is about 5 years old and is a
"reprinted for the Christmas sale" book. (So is the flying reptile one.)
The Global View book IS beautiful, but it's WAY out of date
(Tyrannosaurs are still Allosaur-descendants, a theory
finally reversed in, what, 1993?).

The pterodactyl book is marvelous and it doesn't seem that out
of date. Considering that most dinosaur books leave out pterodactyls
this book is marvelous, since there seem to have been as many
dactyls as there were dinos.