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Re: komodos

[ Komodo dragons are neat, but I'm starting to get a bit uncomfortable
  with this thread.  Let's please make it more relevant or let the
  thread die.  Thanks, -- MR ]

At 12:29 12/9/96 -0500, Hans Havermann wrote:

>... Apparently, a komodo is able to *outrun* its prey, a very
> unlizard-like behaviour!

The Komodo (dragon) is the largest and most famous monitor. It can
grown up to three meters and weigh up to 135-kg. Even though the Komodo
can run, it usually will not *outrun* its prey. Its mouth carries a
virulent bacteria, and its bite alone can be fatal. If the Komodo's
prey does break loose of the Komodo's powerful jaws, the Komodo will
*follow* until the prey drops from the massive systemic infection.

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