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Re: New Velociraptorine

Regarding the Velociraptor? specimen at www.wmnh.com

gpb6845@msu.oscs.montana.edu(Peter Buchholz) wrote:

>The specimen will be sold at auction sometime in the future.
>There is a condition of two years of intitutional study after sale.
> [lots of descriptive comments deleted, posted on website]

It is my understanding that a permanent museum home is
being sought for this specimen. It has *not* been earmarked
for any auction, and talk of such things is generally not fruitful
since it might adversely affect ongoing negotiations. What is
known for sure is that this unique specimen will be thoroughly
prepared, studied and formally described by scientists with
documentation being available to everyone via the World Wide
Web and elsewhere.

I put a link to Peter B.'s descriptive comments about the
specimen out there on the webpage. I'd like to invite anybody
else who's interested (pros and amateurs) to offer additional
comments and I'll put them out there as well. The goal is to
create a repository of images and information for researchers
and the general public. Maybe we can even observe the scientific
process in action as ideas are introduced and discussed.
When preparation is complete and the formal description is
published, it will also be made available online.

Send your comments about the specimen to curator@pconline.com
if you want to contribute to the comments area on the webpage.
Please stick to that which is scientific and educational in nature
(descriptive, comparative, cladistic, etc.) There will be frequent
updates with new images and comments as they become available.

To possibly help focus some lines of speculation...
 -The specimen is thought to be juvenile primarily because a few
bones of very similar (though considerably larger) adult material
were also found at the site.
-The foramen in the furcula were thought to be for blood vessels
(nutrient delivery as opposed to pneumatic) by most who saw it SVP.
Question: Have foramen been described in other theropod furculae?

Dave Burnham(the preparator) still has a ways to go(especially on
the difficult skull area) but wanted to share some preliminaries with
the community. I'm basically donating my time and computer/imaging
resources for this.( I hope to get a good deal on a cast next year when
they're available :-) My company will also be contributing high-res
macro and micro images to the final monograph. Other sponsors
who have donated to the project include: Uncommon Conglomerates
(Paleo-Bond adhesives and stabilizers), Crystal Mark(Swam Blaster),
and Robert Farrar(technical assistance). Congratulations to the Linster
family for this wonderful discovery.

Hope you have fun!
Paul R. Janke
President, Pan Terra, Inc.