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Re: New Velociraptorine

Regarding the Velociraptor? specimen at www.wmnh.com

The articulated range of motion of the "killing claw" at this website
appears to exhibit undesirable physics. Given the comparatively
long nature of the claw and the small radius at the base for tendons
to act upon, it seems unlikely the killing claw would be very stiff
or powerful, thus not very lethal.

An alternative hypothesis is that the claw joint could be "locked"
into place by activating both its abductor and adductor tendons
simultaneously. If so, the killing claw could attack using the full
strength of the much more powerful leg muscles. A locking joint might
be diagnosed by rough, corrugated, mating surfaces in the joint.

Is there any evidence of this in the new, or earlier, specimens?
Is this out to lunch, or old hat?

Russ Andersson