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Re: Quaesitosaurus and Nemegtosaurus

Tom Holtz wrote:

> As George notes above, a recent study (by Calvo) shows that the skulls of
> _Nemegtosaurus_ and _Quaesitosaurus_ are much less like diplodcoids than
> reconstructed, and are actually very similar to _Brachiosaurus_!  
> Contra my previous thoughts on the subject (i.e., that "nemegtosaurids" were
> diplodocoids), I find the evidence for _Nemegtosaurus_ and _Quaesitosaurus_
> within a titanosauroid-brachiosaurid clade very compelling

I wonder then if _Antarctosaurus_, which has also been 
reconstructed with a very diplodocoid-like skull, might be a 
titanosauroid after all.
Tim Williams