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Polacanthus rudgwickensis

This new species of the armored dinosaur _Polacanthus_ is described by
William T. Blows in this reference:

Blows, W. T., 1996. "A new species of _Polacanthus_ (Ornithischia:
Ankylosauria) from the Lower Cretaceous of Sussex, England," _Geological
Magazine_ 133(6): 671-682.

Holotype specimen is HORSM 1988.1546, a fragmentary skeleton including
several incomplete vertebrae, partial scapulocoracoid, distal end of humerus,
nearly complete right tibia, rib fragments, and two dermal ossifications.
Presently at the Horsham Museum, Sussex, England.

This species is about 30% larger than type species _Polacanthus foxii_ and
differs from it in numerous characters of the vertebrae and dermal armor. It
is named after the village of Rudgwick, Sussex and was discovered at a
Rudgwick Brickworks Company quarry, at the quarry floor in gray-green marl
beds of the Wessex Formation. Barremian age, approx. 124-132 Ma.