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another feathered Sinosauropteryx!!!

Dear All,

More news hot of the presses.  I paraphrase the following and it is also a
translation from Japanese in a daily newspaper- so you don't have to panic
about copyright Mickey!!!

A new specimen of the feathered dinosaur Sinosauropteryx has been
discovered in China.  The new specimen is one metre long and is totally
covered in 2mm long feathers.  This specimen is regarded to be an adult and
the previous specimen as a juvenile - hence why it was only partially
covered with feathers and was only 56cm long. The specimen is thought to be
older than upper Jurassic [Take this with a pinch of salt!-PGD].
No photo or much else that is worth mentioning.
I let you know more as I find out more

PS maybe I should change my name to AP Reuters?????
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