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Re: New Velociraptorine

Sam Girouard wrote:

>        Incedentally- the photos of the "fighting speciment" from Mongolia
>that I have seen show the feet of the Velociraptor a fair distance from the
>Protoceratops, but I would'nt trust this alone. Does the Protoceratops have
>any claw-slashed ribs? Just wondering. 

Having seen slides of the fully prepared specimen, this shows some really
interesting aspects of interspecific combat.  In particular, one of the
hindfeet (the left, if I remember correctly) is placed with the sickle-claw
in the neck of the Protoceratops, not the belly as previously thought!  Dave
Unwin spent a lot of time looking at this specimen, and could give you all
the appropriate details/facts.

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