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Re: New Velociraptorine

At 12:46 PM 12/12/96 -0500, Russ Andersson wrote:

>       This is an interesting point. Given the relative muscle
>tones of the retracting and attacking muscles, I think you should
>expect to see the claw pulled back much as necks get pulled back.

   Is there anything on the bonez to indicate that the ... ummmm, muscle
that makes the claw go slash, opposite of "retractor" (can you tell my
degree's in the physical rather than biological sciences?) ... wasn't
actually a muscle at all, but an ultra-powerful ligament, much like the one
hypothesized to have been present in the necks of sauropods?

[ The opposite of "retractor" is "extensor", and I think you've got
  that backwards from what Russ is proposing.  -- MR ]

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