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Re: dinosaur endothermy (long)

From: Nick Longrich <longrich@stardot.com>

 > There *are* more traces, just of the *imprints* not the feathers 
 > themselves, and on the underside of the neck. Presumably the rest of the 
 > feathers are on the counterslab. For whatever reason, feathers are mainly 
 > preserved in the plane of the fossil, however- the same happens in some 
 > birds preserved face down, you seem to only get the feathers around their 
 > sides. 

I suspected that this mught be the case, and it will be nice if it
is formally confirmed when the beastie is properly described.

It makes sense to me that feathers would be preserved preferentially 
along the planes of cleavage.  But without some inication that this
was actually the situation I thought it was premature to be basing too
many arguments on the supposed pelage on _S_.

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