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Re: Fossil Ownership

Mike Styzen Shelf Expl, 588-4308 wrote:
> I think we should be very
> careful with legislation dealing with ALL fossils.  If not we would
> wind up restricting my access to the billions of coccolith and
> foraminfera specimens that come up with the cuttings in every oil well
> we drill.  That would be rather silly don't you think?

It sure would.  But, as we know, legislators generate reams of 
documentation in an effort to avoid precisely this sort of eventuality.  
Even assuming that the statute was passed, and no exception or exemption 
was made for such fossils (which would NEVER happen, considering the 
pull of your employers with Congress), it would then be another matter of 
a law being selectively enforced.  Just as we, technically, violate the 
CERCLA when we throw away a bottle that held cleaning fluid, yet the 
Superfund goons don't come knocking at the door, you would not have to 
worry about enforcement, just as the coal companies wouldn't (coal is a 
fossil, no?)

This may shock you, and other readers, but laws by and large work.