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Re: Holes in ceratopsian frills, etc., etc.

Jeff Poling wrote:

>   Every time I see a Horner interview where he talks about _T. rex_
> not being a hunter because it couldn't attack a _Triceratops_ I end
> up screaming at the TV *why*?

I heard Horner speak at the AMNH a few years ago, and he said, first, 
that Triceratops did not use its horns for defense, because "you don't go 
around sticking your face into things;" he then went on to say, as Jeff 
indicates, that Tyrannosaurs were not hunters because they would have 
been gored by Triceratops.  Can anyone who knows Horner unravel this 
logic for me?  I must have misunderstood.


Larry Dunn