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Re: Holes in ceratopsian frills, etc., etc.

From: Jeff Poling <jpoling@dinosauria.com>

 >    I do recall, however, a trike fossil with a _T. rex_ bite in it.  If the
 > wound was inflicted during life, it's interesting to note the _T. rex_ was
 > biting it in the butt, far from those big horns.....

Also, when modern predators attack potentially dangerous prey they
usually go for the young or the old or the infirm.  And in herd
animals they usually also limit themselves to those that become
isolated from the herd.  For instance, this is how the prairie
wolf handled bison.

So certainly, attack from behind, back off if faced by the horns,
and avoid those able to defend themselves well.  ... And eat easy
prey like _Edmontosaurus_ most of the time.

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