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Re: Holes in ceratopsian frills, etc., etc.

From: Lawrence Dunn <dunn1@mail.idt.net>

 > I heard Horner speak at the AMNH a few years ago, and he said,
 > first, that Triceratops did not use its horns for defense, because
 > "you don't go around sticking your face into things;" he then went
 > on to say, as Jeff indicates, that Tyrannosaurs were not hunters
 > because they would have been gored by Triceratops.  Can anyone who
 > knows Horner unravel this logic for me?  I must have misunderstood.

Nope, but I can point out that his first point is wrong to begin with.

Counterexamples: goats, bison, cows, muskoxen, rhinocerases, &c.

Note, this does not mean that the horn were primarily for defense
against predators, it is more a matter of "when threatened use
all available means to survive".

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