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Re: "Lost to science forever" - not necessarily!

At 09:44 PM 12/15/96 -0500, Steve Jackson wrote:

>I think one possible solution is an international registry, accessible on
>WWW, that would let anyone, from museums to private collectors, input data
>on the items they have. I am told that some private collectors just want to
>hoard things and never let anybody else see them, but I have trouble
>believing there is much of that. Most dino enthusiasts, at least, would be
>overjoyed at the idea that scientists wanted to look at their collection.

   I agree, and its something I've thought of adding to Dinosauria On-Line.
However, I suspect that whomever would do it would 1) need some help
defraying the cost and 2) have to institute strict security procedures and
pick and choose who would actually get to see it.  The latter point is
because there's too much chance of the list becoming a shopping list for
crooks looking for valuables to steal.  There'd be some other, fine points
that would have to be worked out, but these are the biggest.

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