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Paul Willis wrote:

> Lawrence Dunn wrote:
> >An excellent point.  Would it work better if the eligible institution
> >held the fossil in trust for a set time, cleaning and examining it, and
> >then have thr right of first refusal, but if it passed on the option, the
> >fossil would be returned to the landowner for sale
> This is a very similar situation to what happens in Bayern-Wortumberg in
> Germany and it is widely recognised as the most comprehensive and equitable
> management of fossil resources in the world. 

Oh my goodness!  i just thought it up off the top of my head <blush>!

Seriously, I know some folks have legitimate concerns about the museum's 
cleaning costs being passed along to the buyer, but that was an 
afterthought to try to cover everyone's costs as equitably as possible.  
I'm sure some better arrangement could be arrived at.  Any ideas from the