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"Therapod A"; tyrannosaur consumption of sauropods

I just got around reviewing some of the old issues of the Journal of 
Vertebrate Paleontology that have been much bandied about here (the 
illustration in Farlow's 1995 T-Rex mass and speed article of the mouse 
tripping our hero is hilarious!)  What is the status of the 
unknown large therapod, "Therapod A", discussed in the 1994 article on 
late Cretaceous therapod teeth from Montana by Phil Currie and another 
scientist whose name escapes me (sorry if you're reading!)?  Has 
"Therapod A" been discovered or otherwise determined?  A description 
if it is now known would be greatly appreciated.

Unrelated question -- is there direct evidence of tyrannosaur consumption 
of whatever sauropods were left in the North American late Cretaceous 

Best regards,