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RE: Ceratopian jaws (my last bow)

Peter Buchholz wrote:

> Do you have any evidence that Triceratops was somehow better suited
> to aggresive combat than other Chasmosaurs?  There's not really much
> that's anatomically different in Triceratops and Arrhinoceratops.
> Why would Triceratops be involved in combat and Arrhinoceratops not?

because Triceratops has multiple evidence of puncture wounds about the   
face which were likely caused by Triceratops-sized horns, where in the   
case of Arrhinoceratops we do not have puncture wounds preserved or at   
least not in the numbers of Triceratops (I lack data on this.)
Oh pathology-master Darren?
Triceratops-sized horn puncture wounds = interspecies combat between   
Triceratops (for whatever reason)
Doesn't mean it couldn't happen with other ceratopsians, just means we   
don't have as strong evidence for it.

[ I think you mean *intra*species combat.  -- MR ]