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Re: Private holotypes

Jeff Poling wrote:

> The fact is that most institutions do not NOW, and if suddenly they
> were made the stewards of ALL fossils what would happen then?  A
> millionaire with bucks to spare is in a better position to pay a
> professional to properly preserve a fossil for his home than is the
> typical museum.

I was wondering when someone would mention this small fact.  Unless
things have changed very recently, most places have one professional
PhD type, maybe one or if really well funded two paid technicians, and
several volunteers making them overworked and seriously behind with
the fossils they already have, much less any new ones brought in.
BTW: Anyone know how someone can break into this field?  I don't have
the time to take off from supporting myself to spend much time
volunteering and every place I have talked to everyone said that they
all started out as volunteers in order to get a job.  I am trying to
finish up my Master's in biology and would love to do work in this
field but the job prospects I have so far come across have been
disappointing to say the least.  Which is the main reason why I am
doing med research at the moment, I can at least get paid for that.

Joe Daniel