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Re: Ceratopian jaws (my last bow)

From: gpb6845@msu.oscs.montana.edu

 > As for Triceratops being the only ceratopian really likely to have
 > engaged in aggresive combat.  Do you have any evidence that
 > Triceratops was somehow better suited to aggresive combat than other
 > Chasmosaurs?

It had a *solid* frill, unlike the open frills of the other genera.
[In fact that is effectively the defining character of the genus].

The open frills would be totally useless in actual combat, and indeed
would be extremely susceptible to serious wounds.

Also, it has been claimed (but also denied) that some _T._ specimens
show gouge marks in the frill.

 > There's not really much that's anatomically different in Triceratops
 > and Arrhinoceratops.

The solid frill is a major difference.  One that is largely unexplained.
[Note, I am not saying that more aggressive combat *is* involved in
it origin, I am just suggesting it is a possibility to consider].

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