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Re: "Lost to science forever" - not necessarily!

 From: Jeff Poling <jpoling@dinosauria.com>

 > I agree, and its something I've thought of adding to Dinosauria On-Line.
 > However, I suspect that whomever would do it would 1) need some help
 > defraying the cost

These could be considerable, as to be useful one would need high-
resolution images from all angles of each piece.  That is alot of
disk space just for *one* fossil.

 > and 2) have to institute strict security procedures and pick and choose
 > who would actually get to see it.  The latter point is because there's
 > too much chance of the list becoming a shopping list for crooks looking
 > for valuables to steal.

Hmm, well, I would think just not putting the location of the actual
specimen in the DB without the owner's permission migh be sufficient.

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