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Re: "Lost to science forever" - not necessarily!

[ Alright, this is it; no more after this unless you've got a *real*
  good reason or something so incredibly novel that it just *has* to
  be aired now... -- MR ]

At 01:08 PM 12/17/96 -0500, Russ Andersson wrote:
>Jeff Poling wrote:
>> >I think one possible solution is an international registry, 
>> 2) have to institute strict security procedures and
>> pick and choose who would actually get to see it. 
>The registry is a great idea, however, it doesn't help much if nobody
>can read it :(. It seems sufficient to separate the what info from
>the who/where info: the what info (incl. pics), genus/species, etc
>and item# info should be public, but a secure request needed to
>access the who/where info(perhaps just forwarded to the owner for
>disposition). Maybe the USA NSF(Natl Science Foundation) would bite
>on this?

   I never said NOBODY should have access to it.  But if I owned a fossil
I'd paid big bucks for, I'd be damn reluctant to put my name and address out
on the web.  Even having the what info only might make people nervous.  It's
an interesting compromise to split the what and the where, which had crossed
my mind, but, *at first* at least, I think restricting access to
professionals that have applied for it would make fossil owners more
comfortable with the concept.

   If anybody wants to seriously discuss this with me I'm available.  For
once on this list, we're in a subject I DO have experience and education

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