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Join Dr. Philip Currie and other renowned palaeontologists from the 
Royal Tyrrell Museum on a 9 day Dino Tour through Alberta. You'll take 
part in dinosaur digs and enjoy private tours of some of the most 
famous dinosaur quarries, fossil localities, and research facilities 
in North America. 

This exclusive trip includes stops at:
        The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, one of the largest 
        palaeontological museums in the world. Explore the world 
        class exhibit hall, including more than thirty-five complete
        dinosaur skeletons, most found right here in Alberta. Tour 
        behind the scenes with research staff to visit the preparation 
        laboratories and the collections area, where you'll see the 
        largest accumulation of Cretaceous dinosaur fossils anywhere 
        in the world. Your visit to the Tyrrell Museum culminates with 
        your participation in a dinosaur excavation at a nearby quarry,
        uncovering fossils that are 68 million years old.
        Dinosaur Provincial Park near Brooks, where Dr. Philip Currie 
        will escort the tour through the rugged badlands to the most 
        recent dinosaur excavation sites.
        Eastend, Saskatchewan, where you'll see "Scotty," Canada's 
        newest T.rex and take part in a paleo dig near where Scotty 
        was found. 

        Devil's Coulee Dinosaur Egg Site near Warner, Canada's first 
        dinosaur nesting site. Your guide and excavation leader will be 
        Dr. Donald Brinkman. 

        An interpretive hike to the Burgess Shale site on Mount Wapta 
        near Field, British Columbia led by Dr. Paul Johnston will focus 
        on understanding the mysteries encased in the rocks of this 
        famous quarry.

Dates: June 14 - 22, 1997
Cost to Participate:    Adults (18 & over)
                        $1600 (+ 7% tax) per person (Canadian funds) 
                                         - single occupancy
                        $1350 (+ 7% tax) per person (Canadian funds) 
                                         - double occupancy

To register contact: Kim Herman at  (403) 823-7707 (Phone)      
                                    (403) 823-7131 (Fax)
                                    310-0000 (Toll free within Alberta)
                                    1-888-440-4240 (Toll free outside 
                                                   Alberta, within Canada)
                                    rtmp@dns.magtech.ab.ca  (E-mail)

Price includes hotel accommodation, motorcoach transportation, entrance 
to all facilities, dig sites, Provincial and National Parks, guidebook, 
souvenir t-shirt, and lunches. Participants are responsible for 
transportation to and from Calgary, breakfast and supper.

Payment: 50% of payment is required at the time of booking. Balance due 
May 1, 1997.

Cancellations/Refunds: An administration fee of $50.00 (Cdn) per 
participant will be withheld on cancellations made more than two weeks 
prior to the date of departure. No refund is offered if cancellation 
occurs two weeks or less to the date of the program.