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Holiday administrivia

I have a couple of bomb shells to drop on you, the first being
definite but hopefully not that severe, the second being not so
definite but possibly more devastating.  First, I'm going to be away
from all internet connections from the morning of December 23rd to the
evening of December 27th.  After a fair amount of thought I'm deciding
the list can survive taking a short respite (my experiences from the
last three years suggest that this won't be much of a hardship since
not much comes in then anyways).  You can still send mail to the list
during that time, but it won't get distributed until I get back.  I
will log on ASAP, but since I'll be driving, experience dictates that I
can't accurately predict when that will be.  Merry Christmas.

Second.  As you can see, my early Christmas hasn't arrived, but I'm
still trying to "donate" my responsibilities to some other more
deserving person.  I've been working with the Dinosaur Society, and
they are interested in taking over the list.  But they have no
experience with this sort of thing.  They'd like to make list
administration part of their graduate student fellowship, but they
have that person for a limited amount of time per week -- less time
than I typically spend on the list.  Since their graduate student also
has other responsibilities to them, they're asking me about ways to
make administration less time consuming.  I've suggested that they
might return the list to its unmoderated state.  Some things
(particularly the way that listproc at USC handles error messages)
have changed since the call for moderation, so an unmoderated list now
may be less troublesome for an administrator to handle relative to the
difficulties I had with it last year.  I'm not really sure how much of
an effect removing the moderator will have on the character of the
list, but I expect you'll notice a difference.

Feel free to write to me about your feelings with respect to any or
all of the above.  However, please be prepared for a change.  I
can *not* continue to spend as much time with this list as I have been
during the past three years.  And I don't think you'll find anyone
else as stupid as me to take on the commitment to the extent that I
have.  Happy New Year...

"It's been a hell of a ride, Woodrow."

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)