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I put me up to it.

[ Noting that Jonathan and Terry write from the same computer (on my
  first reading I hadn't noticed that -- silly me when I saw OSU I
  thought Ohio rather than Oregon), I asked Terry about it.  Terry
  didn't tell me he forwarded my message to Johnathan, but I suspect
  they conversed before Johnathan sent the following.  FWIW, to me
  Johnathan's support appears to stem from the science rather than
  personal affiliation, though they certainly know each other. -- MR ]
        I am a graduate student at Oregon State University. And I know
what you are thinking. Terry did not ask me to write this letter. I
examined thier stats for thier paper in my advanced stat class. I ran it
by several respected faculty in the stat's department and got an A on this
project. I don't have an invested interest in this subject at all. In
fact I am very critical of anyone that attempts to asertain the metabolic
state of dinosaurs as I personally believe that there will never be an
answer because one cannot measure the metabolic rate of a dinosaur
directly. I really do not care one way or the other whether dino's were
endo, ecto, tachy, or brady. However, the work that the Ruben lab has
done on this project is sound. As I said, all of thier shortcomings should
have worked against them not for them. I actually was more interested in
the fact that nasal turbinates do appear to be significantly larger in
endo's than ectos. It's actually quite interesting. As I also stated, and I 
mean this sincerely, please feel free to send me some data for multiple linear
regression analysis, related to dinosaur stuff, or whatever. If you think 
you have a data set that can be linked to metabolism in dinosuars and you 
want to analyze it using multiple linear regression send me it. I just 
finished helping an ecologist due an analysis regarding multiple linear 
regression. So Have a merry christmas Cheers and Happy holidays.


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Johnathan Michael Melville (Secondary Slave)
Ph.D. Graduate Student, Dept. Zoology, OSU, Corvallis, Oregon
Sensory Ecology and Neurophysiology 
(541)737-3387, melvillj@bcc.orst.edu  
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, 
year after year. (A statement about graduate school)