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More on hunting....

To continue the hunting methods of dinos...

Joe Daniel, Stephen Throop and others....

 From the films I have seen of lions, wild hunting dogs, cheetahs, wolves and 
hyenas hunting, their techniques all seem to be devoted to the aim of *bringing 
the prey to the ground*, so that it can be killed (usually by suffocation; safe 
and not as strenuos as neck-breaking, and gives you time to recover after the 
chase). Lions have the mass to be able to do this alone, using their weight to 
off-balance the animal; cheetahs, being lighter, have to do it by tripping the 
prey, the pack animals, again being lighter than their prey, by harrying until 
the prey is tired, and then moving in and grabbing whatever extremites they 
and pulling (sometimes in opposite direction!) unitl the prey is off it's feet. 

It seems to me possible that the same techniques could have applied across the 
spectrum of carnivorous dinosaurs.  A large animal such as T.rex presumably 
could use it's mass as a lion does, pulling the prey off balance and 
it on the ground (particularly if they hunted in pairs).


cheers, and Merry Christmas to all........