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t-rex stuff

Hi Gang

Lots of talk about good ol' T rex again. In reply to a recent note, I don't
think T rex got very close to a saurpod, They weren't in the same place. If
they were I don't think T rex would just gab a bite and hang on. More likely
to get a shot at the neck chomp and it would all come tumbling down. 

What T rex probably chomped on was a hadrosaur or so. Same place, the neck
would be the most vulnerable. Even the real big ones would get killed
eventually if they had a big chunk taken out of their neck and throat. We
pretty well talked ourselves out of ceritopsids being a regular meal. Too
hard to get to a vital place (no matter what else the frill did). Dogs/wolves
used pack and a bit here and a bit there to kill big prey. The big cats use a
throat bite to sufficate their prey and hang on in the process. I agree ol' T
rex wouldn't do either of these but I think his big chomp either at the
trroat or taking large pieces out would easily get his "normal" prey the
antalopes of the era, ol' mr and mrs duckbill.

paul sparks