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Dinosaur Top 10

The results are in...

First of all, I would like to thank all the individuals who submitted
their list of (13) favorite dinosaur genera.  I received 92 replies, with
a total of 1150 names (not all respondants provided 13 names).  According
to the Dinosaur Mailing List there are 799 dinosaur genera that have 
appeared in the literature (of one kind or another).  Of course not all
these genera are currently considered valid, some are no longer 
dinosaurian, and some have been synonymized or now part of new 
combinations.  So I've come up with a count of 417 valid dinosaur genera 
names, and of this 137 dinosaur genus names were picked by all those who
responded to this survey.

There were some non-dinosaurs picked: Kronosaurus, Dimetrodon, and 
Deinosuchus, and some modern Dinosaurs (birds): Falcon, Bald Eagle,
Penquin, and Parakeet.

Here is the list of the Dinosaur Top 10 in order of least to most popular:

(10) Archaeopteryx -- 25%
        Yes...birds are Dinosaurs (duck and run)

 (9) Allosaurus -- 26%
        The nasty killer of the Late Jurassic and into the early

 (8) Parasaurolophus -- 27%
        Another revived popular dinosaur thanks to a recent find, I think
        it's because of the cool crest

 (7) Oviraptor -- 28%
        No longer given a bum wrap for eating Protoceratops eggs, now a
        loving brooding mother

 (6) Utahraptor -- 29%
        This included Bakker's "Raptor Red", #1 Christmas gift wish 

 (5) Stegosaurus -- 31%
        The famous road-kill specimen seems to have revived the popularity
        of this old-time favorite

 (4) Apatosaurus -- 32%
        Although 31% prefer "Brontosaurus"

 (3) Triceratops -- 39%
        What can I say 3 horns, solid frill, and an attitude

 (2) Deinonychus -- 42%
        What every small child wants to be when they grow up

and finally...

 (1) Tyrannosaurus -- 56%
        Okay...so he (she) might not be the largest of the terrestial
        meat-eaters, but still without question, the King!!

Again, Thank you for participating in this survey...maybe another one will
be done next year to see if the popularity of some changes.

Merry Chrsitmas & Happy New Year,

John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)