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Della's 9th Grade Science Project

I highly recommend the following books for references and information 
for your project: (1) Bird Song: Biological Themes and Variations by 
C.K. Catchpole and P.J.B. Slater from Cambridge University Press 
(1995). It contains and overview that should help you with many 
aspects of your project including basic theory, basic techniques, 
sound production and hearing. It also includes a reference to J.C. 
Saunders and W.J. Henry (1989) The Peripheral Auditory System in 
Birds: Structural and Functional Contributions in Auditory Perception 
from the Comparative Psychology of Audition : Perceiving Complex 
Sounds, (ed) R.J. Dooling and S.H. Hulse, pp 35-64. New Jersey: 
(2) The Skull vol. 3: Structural Basis of Hearing and Sound 
Transmission by R. Eric Lombard and Thomas E. Hetheringon  (ed) James 
Hanken and Brian K. Hall.

 These are, especially The Skull, some very difficult readings. I wish 
you good luck on your project.