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Articles Needed

I need some articles for the next issue of Dinosaur Discoveries.

1. GASPARINISAURA: I have a piece of great art I want to
use about this dinosaur (bird?). 200 words would do, but I'd
take up to 800 if they were interesting words.

2. SINORNITHOIDES: Again, great art but no article on hand.
200-800 words.

3. NAASHOIBITOSAURUS: Killer skull art but no article.
200-800 words.

4. I'd like to get an article about a new pterodactyl (other
than Arambourgiana or however it's spelled as we did an article
about that).

5. Could someone do a brief article listing all specimens of
Archaeopteryx and describing each in 2-3 sentences, including
date found, date described and by whom, date redescribed and
by whom if applicable, where the specimen is now, any interesting
details, general note on whether it has feathers and how complete it is.

We do pay for articles. Writer's guides available on request
from tiger@arn.net for those who need them.--SVC