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T. rex bite

Lawrence Dunn wrote (quoting Greg Paul):

>> The problem with Martin's idea of tyrannosaurs pulling prey to the
>> ground is that the giant predators would risk falling too, at very
>> high risk of injury.  Much smaller lions can afford to roll with
>> their prey on the ground.
>Would a Tyrannosaur be able to seize a portion of the prey animal in
>its jaws, clamp down hard and use its weight and muscles to bring
>the prey animal to ground, where it could then disembowel it or
>deliver a bite to the neck?  With that impressive set of jaws, this
>does not seem like an unlikely scenario.  Possible?

I've a theroy about what _T. rex_ did to catch it's prey, something 
along the lines that Larry has suggested. The teeth of _T. rex_ is more 
for holding than ripping, why couldn't _T. rex_ have just clamped down 
on it's prey and hold it until serverly wounded or dead? With the huge 
jaw muscles and 'holding' teeth, IMHO that's what it did. I've asked a 
few palaeontologist and haven't gotten a real answer yea or neigh.