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Re: My Gr. 9 Science Fair Project: Questions

 From: DRURY <drury@agt.net>

 > 2)  My understanding is that crocodillians were predators on hadrosaurs.
 > I've now read in several places that hadrosaurs are thought to have escaped
 > from theropods by running into water.  This seems odd to me.  It seems a bit
 > strange to run away from one predator by running to another.  Can anyone
 > clear this up for me?

Yeah - it was a speculation that had little basis in fact.

Not only did the water have its own large predators (giant crocodile),
there really is no reason to assume that large theropods could not swim.
Thus running into the water probably wouldn't get them away from a
tyrannosaur anyway.

Now, there is evidence that _Edmontosaurus_ frequented watery places,
but that was probably to feed, not to escape predation. (And most
other hadrosaurs do NOT have this association with swamp habitats).

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