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1920's female paleontologist garb

Hi!  I'm wander's wife, Margo, and the following was sent to the historic
costume mailing list I'm on.
I'm newly subscribed to this list, in hope that someone might give me
a few suggestions.  A science museum that I volunteer at is having
an exhibition of dinosaurs and a few mammal fossils from the Gobi
desert.  As a sidelight on "how paleontologists excavate" we're also
having docents demonstrate excavation and cataloging.  That's the easy
part.  ;-)  The hard part is the excavation is modeled on the Roy
Chapman Andrews digs in the 1920's (he's the guy "Indiana Jones"
was sort of modeled on).  Proper costumes for the males won't be
too difficult -- we've got photos from Andrews' Gobi digs.  BUT...  some
of our volunteers are female, and we need to costume them in period.

Furthermore, our costume budget is non-existant.  So please, can you
suggest "doable" costumes for the female staff of this imaginary
expedition?  Grubby is understood... but shall we be daring and wear
trousers?  Bobbed hair?  Skirts, and if so, style and length?  Blouse
or jacket style?  Leather-soled, lace-up boots and rimless or hornrimmed
glasses I thought would be ok.

Do any of you have access to photos of digs in the 1920's, or any other
documentation?  were there any female paleontologists at the time?  Did any
of the male paleontologists bring along their wives?  Any information would
be appreciated.  You can contact the original poster, Kay Lancaster
<kay@FERN.COM, or me.  Thanks!

By the way, folks, these subject headings are causing a lot of confusion in
our shared mailbox.  I can't help it, I see topics like "feathers"  or
"Holes in Frills"  and I figure they MUST have to do with historic costume!

Margo Anderson