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New Dodge Truck- Dodge Ram T-Rex

 T. rex has now found its way into the automotive industry.

 Found this hard to believe, but a recent automotive magazine includes a
short article on a beautiful new Dodge truck- the Dodge Ram 6X6 T-Rex. It
looks like a standard Dodge Ram pickup truck, but with an extra long box
supported by 4 wheels.

 This 6X6 has 6 wheels carried on three axles. It has a stock V-10 engine
which can generate up to 500 horsepower. Nothing is given on its weight but
it looks like a 1 to 1.5 ton vehicle. Too bad Christmas has passed, I forgot
to ask Santa for this as a field vehicle!

 Can anyone out there verify this is in fact a new model truck or just a
fantasy concept vehicle? The truck in the photograph looks real, yet the
article provides no details on cost and availability. I follow the
automotive industry fairly closely, and this "T-Rex truck" is news to me. 

 Reply off line please.  

 Darren Tanke