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Re: Dire Wolf

> Date: Sunday, 22 December, 1996 3.50 PM
> Stan Friesen writes:
> >Note there was, once upon a time, a much larger species of wolf,
> >_Canis dirus_, which became extinct some time ago (in human terms).

and Steve Jackson replied:

> This is a popular misconception. The dire wolf was more heavily
> built than the modern wolf, but not much bigger - maybe 200
> lbs. total weight.

This is far removed from dinosaurs now (sorry, Mickey :-), but wolves
aren't near that large.  The average wolf is only 80 lbs. or so.  The
largest recorded weight for a wolf in the wild is 176 lbs.  Steve is right
in that dire wolves weren't much bigger, but the figure should be closer to
100 or 125 lbs. on average.


[ Since traffic is so light, I'm giving some latitude.  I should also
  throw in (though I've kind of forgotten how this thread started)
  that I'm surprised no one has mentioned that there were lions living
  in North America not all that long ago.  But perhaps we should end
  this thread now since nobody's even mentioning ecological parallels
  with dinosaurs any more. -- MR ]