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"Curse of T. rex" (was Nova)

I just received the press release from WGBH Science Unit, producer of NOVA
and other programs for PBS, on the "Curse of T. rex" (which is about Sue).  

The program will be broadcast on February 25, 1997--check your local PBS
station for time of broadcast in your area:  

_"The Curse of T. Rex"_

In August, 1990, a commercial fossil hunter named Peter Larson unearthed the
finest specimen of Tyrannosaurus rex ever found.  It should have been the
highlight of his career, but it soon proved to be more of a curse than a
blessing.  Since the discovery, Larson and his partners have been raided by
the FBI, investigated by a federal grand jury, and indicted on 39 federal
counts related to the illegal collection and sale of fossils.  He maintains
his innocence, but some professional paleontologists and federal
investigators believe that Larson is the kingpin of an illegal fossil trade
that threatens to destroy the science of paleontology.  The investigation and
prosecution of Peter Larson is the backdrop for "The Curse of T. rex" -
NOVA's look at the controversial international fossil trade and the
long-simmering dispute between professional paleontologists and commercial
dealers over who should have the right to exploit America's fossil resources.