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Re: 1920's female paleontologist garb

[ I almost chose not to distribute this message via the list, but I
  figured that since there's so little traffic coming this way it
  won't hurt to let people know we're still alive even if it is with a
  thread that's somewhat off topic. -- MR ]

 On Fri, 27 Dec 1996, Margo Anderson wrote:

> A science museum that I volunteer at is having an exhibition of
> dinosaurs and a few mammal fossils from the Gobi desert.  [ ... ]
> Proper costumes for the males won't be too difficult -- we've got
> photos from Andrews' Gobi digs.  BUT...  some of our volunteers are
> female, and we need to costume them in period.

Dear Ms. Anderson:

        I have seen many photos from American Museum of Natural 
History's expeditions in the early part of this century, and some do
contain shots of women (in fact, if my memory serves me correctly (and it
may not), there was a woman (journalist?, photographer?) who documented
some parts of one of Roy Chapman Andrew's "adventures". I vaguely remember
her in a loose kaki blouse tucked into either a ankle length skirt or very
"billowy" trousers (I don't know what they're called). And, of course,
this was one of the periods of female adventurers / explorers.
        Either way, why don't you contact the library at the American
Museum. They have books full of endless numbers of photos of that era.   
Their phone number is 212-769-5000. Ask for the library. 
        Also, I know an antique book dealer who has lots of photos and
books with photos of explorations of that period, including, I'm sure,
some with women explorers. If interested, I could give you his address /
phone. Contact me off the group if you want it.

Don Phillips
N.Y. Paleontological Society