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DinSoc Dinosaur Encyclopedia

Steve Cole wrote:

>I must take exception to Stan Friesen's dismissal of the Dinosaur
>Society's Dinosaur Encyclopedia as a "teen or pre-teen book".
>It's certainly intelligible to teenagers, and pre-teens might
>get some of the info while looking at the pictures, but it's
>value is mostly to the "avocationist" and "dinofan" (including
>adults; I'm 45), who want "a good first place to look" for any
>dinosaur name they hear.
>Indeed, we at DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES regard the DSDE as "the baseline".
>If it's in DSDE, we don't need to worry about printing articles
>about it in Dinosaur Discoveries. I suspect that the new $150
>encyclopedia will become the baseline by the end of 1997 as
>the science is moving so fast.
>If the DS decides to do a new edition of the DSDE someday, I
>hope they'll consider a few improvements that would not make
>it larger or harder to read:


>12. Make it loose leaf and publish update packages.

        BOOO!  BOOO!  Loose leaf format will make it worthless to public
libraries!  It'll be reduced to packing material inside a month that way!

>Thanks for listening. I hope DS does.--Steve C


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