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Re: DinSoc Dinosaur Encyclopedia

Jeff Poling writes (quoting Steve Cole)

>>9. Would it really kill them to take 4 pages and just list names
>>and give one sentence descriptions of the Mesozoic Birds?
>   Feduccia's new book probably does this, although I personally wouldn't
>trust it unless he had collaborators and a damn good editor.  For just the
>genera, visit Dinosauria On-Line.

No, most irritatingly, it doesn't, though amid all the tub-thumping about
origins there is a lengthy chapter on Cretaceous birds - or so it is
called, but it spends a lot of time discussing early Tertiary forms.

BTW, There was a review of Feduccia's book in the Nov. 25 issue of Nature,
by Norell and Chiappe (Nature 384: 230).  It is headlined "Flight from
reason", so you can guess what they thought of it.

The review was pointed out to me by Chris McGowan of the Royal Ontario
Museum, who told me that since the last SVP meeting he finds the evidence
for the bird-dino link "overwhelming" though he was mildly skeptical
before.  Feduccia's book, I'm afraid, is a voice in the wilderness, and a
lost opportunity to present what we really need, namely a really thorough
survey of fossil birds that isn't driven by the need to hammer home its
author's views on bird origins (which, I think, are both wrong and
wrong-headed in the way they are argued).  It's too bad.
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