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T-rex hunting

Impact hunting vs grab hunting is an interesting suggestion but I doubt that
replacement of  stegosaurs by nodosaurs was a factor.  While both stegosaurs
and allosaurs (both mid Jurassic) precede nodosaurs in the fossil record,
nodosaurs never-the-less appear in the late Jurassic and were contemporary
with allosaurs for close to 100 million years.  Stegosaurs appear to have
become extinct some 20 million years before both allosaurs and nodosaurs.
 Perhaps the appearance ot the nodosaurs' cousins, the ankylosaurs was more
critical.  Ankylosaurs appear about the same time as tyrannosaurs as did

I still wouldn't abandon scavanging as at least an important part of their
food gathtering. Few predators will pass up a nice, ready made kill.  Large
predators have the advantage of being able to take carcasses away from
smaller predators, lions do it all the time.