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Re: DinSoc Dinosaur Encycloped

Jeff Poling wrote:

> > (steve cole, snipped:)
> >Oh, sure, the Pterosauria is "available elsewhere". The key word
> >is "elswhere". I don't want "elsewhere". I want it all in ONE PLACE. 
>    Perhaps that's an idea for Tiger Publishing?  

Good grief, Jeff, play nice!

> You tell me, would the typical publisher want to bring together work
> that is already available elsewhere?  What could be added to it to
> make it unique enough for people to buy yet another copy of the same
> stuff ... or is putting it all together unique enough in and of
> itself?

        My wife, a senior editor at a major New York publishing house,
says sure, having all of the material in one volume is, in and of
itself, enough to make the new source interesting to buyers.

        But Jeff, I think we are on the same side in the end because
the book defines itself as a dinosaur encyclopedia, not an
encyclopedia of Mesozoic life (which, by the way, I would absolutely
love and would snap up in a second -- go ahead and tell me you
wouldn't, fibber!).  There's enough confusion, coming from many
directions, over what's a dinosaur anyway without lumping in things
that clearly were not dinosaurs in a "Dinosaur Encyclopedia."

        Happy New Year all!  May a bigger T-Rex be found in '97 (grow,
baby, grow)!