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Re: Fighting dinosaurs

Joe Daniel wrote:

>Does it strike anyone as a little strange that, even if these two
>animals were suddenly covered in sand, that they would be suddenly
>frozen in that position or would continue fighting each other for
>their last moments?  Surely the last thought of both of them was
>getting out of the sand.  I would tend to think that that foot found
>its way to its final resting place not as an act of aggression but
>simply trying to find a foothold to get itself to air and escape.
>This of course means that any discussion of fighting tactics based
>on the burial positions is somewhat meaningless, isn't it?  Surely
>someone else has thought of this so what am I missing?

Oh, please not again. Why, oh why do people keep questioning what the 
experts say? 

THEY WERE FIGHTING. Many eperts have studied it, they DIED that way. I 
just ran across a nice Japanese Dino book that has good color view's of 
the two, and they died that way. 


[ FWIW, I'd rewrite the second question, Tracy; there's always reason
  to question the "experts".  However, I would concur that people
  sometimes ought to pay a bit more respect to those who have actually
  examined the evidence first hand... -- MR ]