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Dinosaur Encyclopedias

While this has been kicking back and forth the Email net
this afternoon, I thought of an idea to make us all happy.

1. Publish a dinosaur encyclopedia. Anyone, I don't care who.
Just make it good, and start each dino on a new page/sheet.

2. Publish, in the same format, a pterosaur encyclopedia,
also one about mesozoic birds, another one about Crocs,
another one about marine reptiles.

3. All of this series would be published in a the same format,
probably 8.5x11 sheets, bound in books. (Are the libraries
happy?) HOWEVER, the pages would be laid out with "square"
binding (not saddle stitched) and there would be a very wide margin
on the binding side.

4. Figured it out yet? You buy whatever books you're
interested in, have your local quick-print shop use their
paper shear to cut the bindings off, and put the pages
into your own ring binder. If one reader wants to include
the pterosaurs, he can. If another does not, he need not.

5. Then you publish, let's call it a magazine, that "just
happens" to be the same size and be hold punched. People
subscribe to the magazine, which might do one or two issues
a year. The magazine is designed so that someone who is of
a ring-binder mentality can cut up the magazine and shuffle
the new dinosaurs into the ring binder, this creating
the ultimate constantly-updated all-in-one-place everything
you would want to know Dinosaur Encyclopedia.

6. And of course, just about anyone (I hear Olshevsky
scurrying around in the dark corners) could publish his own
"just happens to be the same size" add-ins, revisions,
counter-arguments, etc.

7. Another thought. The first book (the main dino one)
could be divided into several sections and published

If someone can actually write and illustrate this thing, myu
company has published things of this size and shape.
Then, of course, we have to get distribution, which means
cracking into the bookstore chains. Nothing I'm going to
do THIS year or next, but if someone else can't get such
a critter published, maybe some team of us entrepenurial
types can?