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Re: DinSoc Dinosaur Encycloped

[ Given the low volume I've been giving some latitude, but please try
  not to push it.  If Larry or anyone else wants to respond to
  anything here other than Jeff's last paragraph, please respond to
  Jeff directly.  The last paragraph is the only reason I'm allowing
  *this* message through... -- MR ]

At 01:11 PM 12/29/96 -0500, Lawrence Dunn wrote:

>>    Perhaps that's an idea for Tiger Publishing?  
>Good grief, Jeff, play nice!

   I realize capitalism is falling into disfavor, but, to my knowledge,
suggesting a money making opportunity to someone is not yet considered an

>not an encyclopedia of Mesozoic life (which, by the way, I would
>absolutely love and would snap up in a second -- go ahead and tell
>me you wouldn't, fibber!).

   I wouldn't.  Wanting $$$ in my bank account doesn't make them
miraculously appear (piece of advice to the list:  do NOT do grad school on
student loans unless you already have the contract of an appropriately
paying job in hand).  Mebbe in a few years, if everything goes right.

   I very much like the idea of a Mesozoic encyclopedia (hence The DOL
Dinosaur Omnipedia on my website).  I especially like the compromise Steve
Cole posted to the list.  He even surprised me with some good ideas I had
never considered (who says controversy isn't good).  The ability to keep it
up to date AND allow extra information from third parties is an especially
good one.  The ability to fix mistakes in a timely manner is a good idea,
too (for example, Ben tells me Dodson? in the new ceratopian book
misunderstood Brown's reasoning behind the name _Anchiceratops_ and
translated it incorrectly.  Minor example, but you get the point).  Now, if
we can just find someone to publish it.....

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