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Re: Dinosaur Encyclopedias

 From Steve Cole

>While this has been kicking back and forth the Email net
>this afternoon, I thought of an idea to make us all happy.
>1. Publish a dinosaur encyclopedia. Anyone, I don't care who.
>Just make it good, and start each dino on a new page/sheet.
>2. Publish, in the same format, a pterosaur encyclopedia,
>also one about mesozoic birds, another one about Crocs,
>another one about marine reptiles.


A similar project was initiated in the 1970's as the Encyclopeadia of
Palaeoherpetology published by Fischer Verlag. Although wildly out of date,
these volumes are still a useful reference source, particularly for the
more obsecure reptilian groups.

I understand that the proposal to publish an updated version of the EoP has
been floated at various times but, generally, gets knocked back because the
original was a pain in the glutius maximus to organise and put together and
the sales would probably not justify the expence. However, this does not
kill off the desire and need ot have an updated version of this very
important set of publications (and, to any would-be publishers out there, I
am available to assist in its production!).

Happy New Year to all on the list. Let's hope 1997 is a goodie for us all
(and Sue finds and Australian home (yes, this is a joke)).

Cheers, Paul

Dr Paul M.A. Willis
Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
Quinkana Pty Ltd