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DinoSoc Dino Encyc

Having read the recent thread started by Steve Cole I just can't resist
putting in another plug! For those with an IBM compatible computer, all the
dinosaur stuff Steve wanted is available in one spot, and regularly updated.
Its called the Dinosaur Encyclopaedia and costs a the princely sum of A$30
(about US$24) plus postage. Drop me a line if you are interested.
The shareware version can be downloaded for evaluation from

Graeme Worth
HyperWorks Reference Software

[ I've been waiting for Graeme to pipe in...  I have been sort of
  wondering why people keep talking about paper versions of this thing
  when it seems a lot easier to stitch into computer documents than
  binders.  I expect it to be a long time before paper disappears from
  use, but it seems odd that it took so long for a computer version of
  the encyclopedia to be mentioned when the discussion is taking place
  on an *electronic* mailing list! -- MR ]