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Re: rex on one leg ( was _T. rex_ strikes)

Rich Travsky wrote:
> Let me say that with some 20 years in martial arts, there's a lot a human
> can do on one leg. Kick, stop a charge, manipulate your opponent's balance,
> jam, etc. I've often wished for claws on my feet. I don't think a kicking
> rex should be so quickly written off.
> Whether such things can be transferred to a rex is another question. I've
> no idea if the skeletal structure hints at such physical manuveurs are
> possible.

I don't see why not.  I've seen videos of Secretary birds (at least I am pretty 
it was them) kicking and stomping at snakes and they had a vicious kick to 
them.  I 
realize that Rex was just a wee bit bigger but they have roughly the same body 
 I would not be at all surprised by a T.Rex lashing at a something with a foot. 
seriously doubt that it could match your ability with your feet or for that 
even my own meager ability, but a kicking T Rex?  Why not?

Joe Daniel